Why Magnus?

Why Magnus?

Imagine having an organ with individually designed, magnificent pipe prospect.

Imagine this organ is of amazing tonal quality and stunning realism, outperforming any non-pipe organ you know.
Imagine it, coming at a price of a regular digital organ…
And now stop!
You don’t have to imagine anymore. We are offering you exactly this opportunity.
Why, then, choose Magnus?
There are 5 reasons that might make Magnus the right choice for you:

1. Incredible sound quality

Are you feeling disappointed with the sound quality of your digital organ?
If so, we understand you. Magnus started out constructing the organs, because we weren’t satisfied with what the “digital” organ producers were proposing. With the advent of virtual pipe organ technology we could finally design and build the ultimate non-pipe organ, that we ourselves would like to have. One that really sounds like a real pipe organ.
We could spend the whole day talking about it, but maybe it’d be better if you hear this for yourself in How it sounds? section?

2. Individual design, individual approach

Is every church, chapel, concert hall or private residence the same?
No, of course not. They have different architecture, different materials, different design. Different soul.
Why settle then on using generic organ & organ facades, straight out of the production lines, if you can have something unique and matched exactly to fit your interior?
Working with Magnus is like working with a regular organ building workshop: you not only get your individual design. You get our full attention. And a completely personalized approach towards your project.
Please, see for yourself what can you get in How it looks? and Configurator sections.

3. Cost-effective value-for-money solution

Have you had enough of paying big money for "organ-like" digital instruments?
If so, we are on the same page, again.
Let’s face it: every organ investment is a major investment. Even if you plan to get the smallest, most compact console for home practice or a small organ for a modest chapel, it is still a grand position in your budget (and if isn’t, you probably should buy a pipe organ anyway). So, if the budget is an issue, you want to be sure that you make every penny, every cent well spent. If this is the case, no other company will offer you as much value, as much quality and as much of a size of your instrument as Magnus will.
If you want to get to know our range of different organ consoles, please check the Church organs and How it looks sections.


4. Traditional hand-made craft

Our organ pipes and woodwork elements are made exactly the same way that they have been made for centuries. It is a traditional, European craftsmanship and genuine organ building techniques put into action. Of course, the heart of our system is a complex and modern computer system – this is the only “novelty”. The casings and pipe fronts are made the way the traditional pipe organ is made. Please take a look at our Configurator section to see some examples of the effects brought about by this approach.

5. Fair and cost-effective warranty conditions

And a quick service reaction time, too! Those are all very important factors which define a reliable provider of any equipment. Please consult our Contact section to get in contact with us and to learn about our ideas for keeping your organ up and running for many years after the construction.