Opinion - Roman Catholic Parish of St. George and St. Hedwig, Klecko, Poland

Roman Catholic Parish of St. George and St. Hedwig
62-270 Klecko, 1 Kościelna Street
Phone (61) 4270023; e-mail: klecko@wp.pl
MAGNUS virtual pipe organ is a new acquisition of the parish in Kłecko, near Gniezno. We have enjoyed the richness of sounds accompanying us while performing hymns since the 18th of February.
Functionality of the instrument proves itself during liturgy but is also suitable for concerts.
The greatest asset of the new organ is quality of the sound which comes from a specially designed sound system artfully hidden behind the old organ front. During a performance sound from speakers resonates with real pipes which, however numb due to being unused, serve aesthetic purpose. Unique trembling of the elements of the old organ gives the impression of the instrument's authenticity. During numerous presentations the listeners were convinced that they were facing a genuine, classical instrument - quality and craft of the digital instrument concealed the imitation of the real sound.
Virtual digital organ by Magnus is an instrument which shines during liturgy as it meets standards of sound and aesthetics, emphasizing the beauty of Sacred Church Rites.
Price is a factor worth mentioning as many parishes cannot afford renovation of a classical organ. The offer submitted by Magnus helps overcome the issue and preserve old, often antique, organs.
Conscientiousness, timeliness of service provided by the company allows me to recommend the instrument to all those who wish to combine low price with high quality.
Yours faithfully,
Father Mirosław Kędzierski
Parish Priest