Church organs

Complete organ systems

Do financial or architectural limitations preclude the construction of a traditional pipe organ? Are you looking for a representational organ solution? 
Would you like to have an organ which not only sounds like the real thing, but also looks like one? 
Let us briefly explain how we can help you to create an impressive and complete organ in a cost-effective way. 
If you are willing to give us a try, we will walk through it together.
A simple creation process that works for any of the following:
  • small rural church
  • medium-size suburban church
  • large cathedral / sanctuary

How the process works?

It is made of simple steps.

  • Step 1

    We visit with you to understand your needs and the space we in which we might help.
    We take measurements and photos to prepare a visualization for you.
    It’s free, so don’t worry! We do not charge anything for this.
  • Step 2

    We develop and present you with an original project, matched to your needs and to architectural surroundings. 
    And yes – it’s still free of any charge! You get as many different projects and amendments to the projects as necessary. 
  • Step 3

    You receive an individualized offer including 3D visualization, pricing, and all the technical details you need to make a decision. 
    It is still free. Incredible! 


  • Step 4

    When the decision is made and terms are agreed upon, our installation team comes to your place and installs the organ. 
    Now you can enjoy a beautiful instrument… simple as that.